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Salman Khan: The Indian Gladiator

Posted by mjht on November 5, 2008

Well we will now have our very own Gladiator, Salman Khan is going to be a long haired gladiator in his forthcoming flick Veer. Well this is not he first time that Sallu is turning warrior, he has done it before in not so remembered Suryavanshi.
Interestingly the script has been written by Sallu, while he was filming his popular flick Baaghi.

Salman says, “I wrote this script while working on Baaghi. But, it wasn’t feasible to make it then because of its vast canvas. Now things have changed, production values have gone up and technically we are so much superior.”

Salman is shown as a warrior who honors what he says and even dies for it, “Like me, I am a Pathan, and I live by what I say,” adds the actor.

Salman also revealed his directorial wishes and how he ended up as an actor.

He admits, “I wanted to be a director when I started out. But I guess I was meant to be an actor. I didn’t think I was good looking, but people felt that my eyes were very expressive.It(Direction) was a keen desire then,”

Well we would love to see those expressive eyes behind the lens too Sallu .


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