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Leaked: The Story of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Posted by mjht on November 11, 2008


Aditya Chopra’s well guarded secret… the story of his forthcoming flick starring Shahrukh Khan and newcomer Anushka Sharma is finally out.Shahrukh Khan’s different look, that of an ordinary boring government employee has evoked quite some curiosity from people and now that the story is out, all curiosity will fizz out.

A source at the Yash Raj Films revealed on the condition of anonymity that RNBDJ is a romantic tale of an older man Shahrukh Khan his young teenage bride. The source says,

“There is a big age difference between them and they are not what you’d call a perfect couple. They are merely stretching their marriage with no real romance in between them. They are two very different people. There’s a reality dance show called Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi — which is the main backdrop of the movie. The show is on the lines of popular television show, Nach Baliye.”

The source continues, “Anushka wants to take part in the dance competition but she can’t because her husband is an old and not hip and happening. She fears that if she dances with him, she will lose the show and become the laughing stock among all her friends, who are taking part in the same. Shah Rukh over hears his wife’s problem and decides to go in for a makeover. He then watches some movies and changes his image completely and comes back to the show and woos Anushka off her feet. All the way through the dance competition, she keeps on falling in love with this new and improved Shah Rukh, without once realising that the man she is dancing with is her real husband.”

However, Yash Raj Films have not commented on this news. We gotta wait and watch to see if this news is correct.


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