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Avatars photos Miley jab hum tum Part 27

Posted by mjht on November 18, 2008

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Samjan: ( Merge pics – Credit – Oishi)


14 Responses to “Avatars photos Miley jab hum tum Part 27”

  1. VAISHNAVI said

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmaaa.i love gunjan and samrat a lot.they look so natural doing their roll.mano jaise..
    dono sachi muchi pyar karte ho.but…
    i dont like diya at all.she always tries to come between the
    romantic world of love of samrat and gunjan.so
    dia watch out.kyunki mere samrat aur gunjan bhi kuch
    kam nahi

  2. Priyanka said

    Samrat and Mayank both are looking very quite. They are very attractive.

  3. ankita said


  4. Kanchan said

    Your Sooooooooooo Cute Mayank I love u

  5. pinky said

    gunjan i like u so much.you are so innocent
    and cute.

  6. Avi said

    I just lv gunjan …,…

  7. Avi said

    Hi..u r so cute gunjan..

  8. ROHIT. JHA said

    hi..gunjan u r so beautiful$that samarat is so cool UR dee is akso cute. Plz replay

  9. NEHA said

    hi samrat!u r so cooooooooooooooooooooooooool n i really luv u a lot.

  10. NEHA said

    hi!samrat tumhari aur gunjan ki jodi made for each other lagti hai. n u r so cute gunjan………………..

  11. RANI BIG FAN said

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love samrat but i dont like shina .she always tries to come between the
    romantic world of love of samrat and gunjan. and miss tammanna plz accept udey love by god nupur is soooo sweeeeeeeet n mayank also this serial is so rock

  12. Afsan said

    well it is fantastic serial.. i love silent girl(spectacle girl)

  13. Nadia said

    hi i just love Samrat he is to coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool and handsome i love him alot

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