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Chat with Samrat

Posted by mjht on November 30, 2008

Any problem regarding chatting procedure : Click here

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Catch the televison’s blue eyed boy Mohit a.k.a Samrat on chat on Wednesday Dec 3 at 3 PM! Be there… Be heard.

Chat Procedure:

Log on to or chat.indya.com to meet him.

Log on to chat.indya.com and click on any one of the channel names. Once you are taken to the next page, change the last two digit/number in the URL to 19 and press enter. After the page is refreshed, click on guest login and you will be able to post your questions and see the answers.

Or you can click on the chat sticker on indya.com just before the chat and that will directly take you to chat room 19 and then you can just click on guest login.

Install Java run time environment if you (dont have) want to chat with samrat on 3rd dec 3 pm –

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