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Avatars photos Miley jab hum tum Part 29

Posted by mjht on December 4, 2008

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14 Responses to “Avatars photos Miley jab hum tum Part 29”

  1. virali said

    this show is and funny with ‘dodo’ all the
    all the characters are fit for their roles
    I love samrat and gunjan.

    • ami said

      are you sanaya’s irani’s aka gunjan’s friend?

      pls let me know?

      i wanna met her once.
      also i wanna met samrat.

      pls i can do anything to met them.!!!

  2. rim said

    i luv samrat and mayank both of them!

  3. sam said

    all of u looking awsome i love samrat n nupur GOD bless them

  4. prachi mehta said

    good serial n i luv it 2 watch

  5. KATTHY said

    I love this serial toooooooooooo much.I don’t like to miss thiss serial.I like ARJUN & SANAYA. They both look sweet.GUNJAN & SAMARAT looks sweet with each other and MAYANK & NUPUR looks best couple in this serial.

  6. sheetal arora said

    all pics r very nice luv u all……..

  7. lucky said

    this serial really touch my heart

    i want meet with gunjun .. she is natureal beauti…. i do try to take part in this show…

    because this show need a punjabi boy
    it’s my dream
    my contact no—– 9463857560

    gunjun if u read this message then call me……….

    can i take entery in this serial…..
    give me ans….

  8. Malvika Kshirsagar said

    I love this serial so much………………………….and I love Noopur and Mayank very much…………

  9. sadaf said

    i reallllly realllly mad about mayank.
    this is the first time i am crazy about someone.
    can any one tell me his orignal name, you dont know how am i crazy about him.
    and if mayank read this ,i want to tell you ,it’s first time any one attract me so much.and inshallah i will find my life partner like him.
    your character have everything which a girl can attract towards u ; intelligency,humour,feelings,care, love,
    thank u mayank,and i am thank ful to those people who make these kind of dramas.

  10. nisha said

    oh mile jab hum tum my favorite wat to say gujan nupur sarat mayank udaya all r supereb
    i just love them samrat n mayank my fav gujan n nupur r the best

  11. saba said

    I just love this show, its my favourite, I love mayank and Nupur.. they rock

  12. sweety agrawl said

    miley jab hum tum is my favorite serial.my favourite jodi in this serial are mayank&nupur.

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