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Pyaar ka ijhaar : Miley Jab Hum Tum

Posted by mjht on January 30, 2009

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This news is about the valentine day competition conducted by the Miley jab hum tum at Indore!

It was judged by Rati pandey i.e. Nupur and Arjun Bijlani i.e. Mayank..

Guys n gals were selected to propose nupur and mayank..

Well as the serial is the most popular one rite now..every participants tired their level best to impress both....

well both of them enjoyed alot..mayank was like telling he wanted to select all 10 gals..whereas nupur was telling she didn get this much proposals in one day in her life..!! ..

after tht they had been called to stage..to announce the results..

Nupur selected Nitin Raatti as his confidence while proposing was gudd..n mayank selected kavita mule as her simplicity and beauty impressed him..

After tht there were dance and music programs..

WEll thn next news is Arjun talking abt his life how he entered modelling aft his father;s death to run his family..first he did small ads..thn he got the offer for left-right-left..thn how he became popular! ..

He also says he doesnt knw to act but jus does practice infront of the mirror..as in his present serial ther is no much acting..he is happy with this!..

He hav a whole lot of diff perspective about valentines day..he says it is not only meant for gf..but he celebrates with his family..

Then he has a event to take part..

He also adviced those ppl who are tryin to get into this field tht..don rely fully on this field..as u cant say wht mit happen..so make urself a strong base..

Another news is about Rati’s life..she is as same as bubbly in real life as she is in serial..she also believes tht everyday can be a valentines day..she even insists on sayin sometimes she mit get her dream match in indore....and all excited to knw if any1 would propose to her..how would they do it! ..

she says she didn hav knwledge abt acting..but thn she was called to mumbai by Ajay sinha n gave an offer for serial wen she went for a talent hunt audition..

But thn tht serial didn take place..

She also told if she wouldn hav cme to this field she would luk aft her dad;s business..n also told small screen actors hav a secure job..but she did get an offer from film..but she felt the career of the person is gone wen the film becomes flop..u hav to wait for long time to get into big screen..

she believe there is nothing like dream role..u must knw to do all kinda of roles..ups and downs are normal but clearly depends on our decision....

she wishes to do a reality show as she wanted to do a gud role and believes she can show her hidden talent....

The end
Karthikachat with her

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